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moving people from diversity and difference toward Inclusion and Belonging!

Barriers to Belonging

The labels we use to identify ourselves and others live largely as barriers to belonging. We so strongly identify with these words and what they mean to us, that too often we use them to distinguish ourselves from others. In doing so, we create groups of ‘sameness’ feeling safe and comfortable, but also fracturing the opportunities for connection and belonging in unlikely friendships. In these pockets of affinity, we entrench our bias toward those who are different to us and unwittingly create separation, exclusion and unsafety around us. 

But these labels only appear to have purpose or signify identity because of far deeper beliefs and fears we hold onto about ourselves, our worthiness, our potential and our intrinsic value. We need to unburden ourselves of all of this to engage a deep and freeing self-acceptance to fully experience belonging.

When WeBelong.Africa works with you, your people and your organisation, we help you identify these self-ascribed labels, the affinity boxes and bias, the limiting beliefs that unsettle you and affects your organisational culture. 

We provide you with tools and frameworks to rewrite your personal and organisational stories, and create a new one in which every voice is heard, every face is seen and every contribution is valued.  

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