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moving people from diversity and difference toward Inclusion and Belonging!

Activism and Allyship

We encourage You to live your values and your learning, as we do. To fully experience belonging we must each play our role as contributors, people who add value, who pay it forward and see that we are creators of legacy, not only inheritors of history.  

In our commitment to a World of Belonging, we are engaged in various projects, organisations and movements that improve the quality of life and education in our community and across Africa.

In our participation in each of these movements, we have enriched ourselves far more than we could ever give back. Our contribution and our learning is a necessary factor in our experience of value and belonging. We urge you to click through to the organisations below and explore how you can become an ally, a benefactor...and agent for transformation.

If you’d like to support these projects too, or simply find out more about them, follow the links behind each logo.

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