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About Hani du Toit & Team 


Who Is Hani du Toit?

Hani du Toit is a poet, a painter, a ceramic artist, and mother of three young adults. She is also an Inclusion specialist, Conversational Intelligence Coach, a LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator and published author of two children’s books – one of which has been identified by Wits University as a model for writing about inclusion for children. The book echoes her belief that if we look through a lens of empathy and compassion, we discover our shared Humanity. 

Hani is a proudly South African business women who draws on her lived experience of exclusion and oppression under the Apartheid government, to share the value of activism, co-creation and belonging.

She holds qualifications from UCT, UWC, Cambridge University, Enneagram International, European Mentors & Coaches Council and the Creating We Institute.

She is Past President of the Cape Chapter of Professional Speakers Association Southern Africa, a former radio talk show host, and a volunteer lecturer in Leadership and Self - development at TSIBA university.

Hani runs a global program, A World of Belonging, for leaders committed to inclusive leadership practices and transforming their own narratives of exclusion and displacement. With 26 years’ experience in training and development, Hani works locally and abroad, virtually  and in person, within companies, universities and government. As an executive coach, her commitment is to help leaders step into a limitless future and co-create a culture of connection around them, using her unique framework HUMAN.



Lila Ukabhai 

Lila Ukabhai has held many roles from IT programmer, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst and Team Leader, to Manager and Coach during her 25-plus years of experience in the financial services sector. 

This has given her deep insights into the challenges that people face in the workplace. She believes that so much is possible if we are better able to tap our deep inner wellspring of resources. 

As a Mindfulness facilitator and Leadership Embodiment coach, Lila helps people shift to a more centred and resourceful state of mind and body.

Lila’s career and life experiences straddle apartheid and post-apartheid enabling her to be comfortable with diverse cultural interactions.

Brett-Fish Anderson

Brettfish Anderson

Brettfish Anderson is passionate about living a significant life that makes a difference. 

He is a preacher, teacher, author, blogger, speaker and facilitator doing impactful anti-racism work in partnership with international organisation, Heartlines. 

Brettfish loves God and he loves people; and he continually strives to do both better.

His main aim is to challenge and inspire and encourage and share ideas and wrestle and celebrate and mourn and evoke laughter… to really ‘suck the marrow out of life.’

He does this through story telling, delightful writing and the art of improvisation.

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