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moving people from diversity and difference toward Inclusion and Belonging!

A World of Belonging – the HUMAN Approach 

If this is You, connect with us:

  • You feel anxious when your stakeholders raise questions of gender equity, racism and privilege.
  • You avoid these hard conversations for fear of making yet another mistake.
  • You don’t understand why the well-intentioned stand you took or statement you made, was labelled “performative activism”.
  • You feel you are being painted as a bad person for not getting inclusion and anti-racism “right” up to now.
  • You feel out of your depth and even angry when this topic is raised.
  • You notice growing tension in your teams as people struggle to engage conversations of difference, power and privilege without getting upset.
  • You have lost employees and clients because of ineffectively addressing issues of diversity and inclusion in your company.
  • You are ready to go deeper to expand your awareness and inform conscious action.
  • You know it’s time to have courageous conversations for deeper connection without side stepping anything.
  • No more silence… you are ready to tackle the issues ahead.

Now it’s time to expand the conversation to the circles around You. It’s time to disrupt racism, class and separateness and co-create belonging where you are, with those who matter to you.

You need a knowledgeable and empathic guide who will shine light on the shadows surrounding this topic and challenge the narratives, thinking and practices that perpetuate inequality, imbalance and the experience of exclusion.

In this 5 module online course you journey through the heart of your history, your narratives, and your lens.

What we cover


Heart-centered approach:

Beyond performance and profit, people and their inherent humanity is what we place at the center of the course. We identify the values and ways of being that will hold this process. We distinguish “Belonging” from fitting in, assimilating and integrating. We examine the relationship between Power and Belonging.



We are all conditioned by our families and society to accept “truths” that we often fail to interrogate. We have inherited a one-sided history, conscious and unconscious bias and systemic racism…these must be identified and unlearned. We shine light on other perspectives, unfamiliar narratives and actively seek out new stories to engage.


Mirror Work:

Social change is not external to the individual. We must start with Self Awareness and the person in the mirror. What is racial literacy? Where are you on the scale of racism? We explore your Resistance, Silence, Complicity and Rage. We examine the language of racism and anti-racism and lean into courage and discomfort. What would transformative conversations look like?


Amplifying your Gifts and Allyship:

What are the ways we are diverse? Which aspects of your diversity are hidden and which overt? What are the ways we unconsciously embrace diversity and perpetuate racism? Which of your gifts could be leveraged in this conversation? 


Now & Next:

The role of presence and mindfulness in the work of inclusion. The only moment is now. Each “now” offers us insight into ourselves and others. How can we slow down this moment to mine its gold? What’s needed next as we create beyond the safety of the program? Mapping your individual journey; playfully creating diversity partnerships, stepping into community.

If not now, when? If not you, Who? 

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